I like spending time outside in the water, especially in the ocean. Usually the ocean is a safe place, but sometimes there are those bad moments where you might get attacked by a shark. Many people freeze up in the moment and not know what to do. So here are a few tips on what you should do to survive a shark attack. Many scientists don’t believe sharks attack humans to eat us, but they are trying to bite into our flesh because they’re curious to find out what kind of animal we are. First, don’t take you eyes off the shark. Sharks have many different attack methods. Sometimes they swim right up, sometimes they circle around and then attack, or sometimes they sneak up from behind. Second, stay calm and don’t make sudden moments because there is a chance that the shark might just swim away without bothering you. Start moving closer to shore or to the closest boat, but make sure you do not block the shark’s path. Lastly, get into a defensive position. If you are in shallow water, keep your feet on the ground and slowly back up. However if you are farther out, you need to find cover. You can get back-to-back with another diver for defense or find a reef. Shark attacks are very rare, but it is good to be prepared. The source I used:



I really like paddle-boarding. It is a fun activity and I love spending time outside. It also benefits your health. A physiotherapist studying SUP at Bond University in Australia says, “its a great workout, especially for your core muscles, plus it is easy on your joints and improves your balance.” You can paddle on lakes, rivers or oceans, waves or no waves. Also, it builds strength too. You cannot only get a workout from it but also many people do yoga on their boards. If you paddle in the ocean, the salt is filled with ions and these ions help the body’s oxygen and balances out the serotonin, which puts you in a better mood. Being out on the water also makes people feel more peaceful. The source I used: