I really enjoy watching movies and I began to wonder how watching movies affect or improve my health. Turns out there is a lot that movies can do. Movies sometimes change the way we think and help us during tough moments in life. Movies can control our thoughts and moods. You could feel happy one moment and sad the next. Many therapists prescribe movies for their patients, while some base their whole practice around movies and how they improve the mind. This is called cinema therapy. Therapists say that movies have positive affects on people who are suffering psychotic disorders. However, sometimes movies may have a bad affect on someone mentally or physically. Someone watching the movie may be encouraged to take part in bad things because it was shown the movie. So, movies can have a positive and a negative affect on your health, it just depends how you watch them. The source I used:



I love listening to music, especially during long car rides. Now I wonder how do earbuds affect your health? While listening to music turning the volume up and listening for a long period of time, can damage your ears and put you in danger of permanent hearing loss. Losing hearing from earbuds is known as noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). This kind of hearing loss is more common among kids and teens. The ear is made up of three parts: the outer, middle, and inner. Part of the inner ear has tiny hair cells however, loud noise can damage those hair cells. Once you damage your ear it never heals, it just gets worse and worse. People are more at risk for loosing their hearing from using earbuds rather than headphones because earbuds play in the ear canal and that increases the sound’s volume by several decibels. To prevent hearing loss, people say they should follow the 60/60 rule: “No more than 60% of volume for more than 60 minutes.” The source I used:


I really enjoy traveling to new places around the world. It makes me feel happier and it is a lot of fun. Now I am wondering how does traveling affects my health? Traveling enhances people’s moods when they are experiencing a environment. However when people are forced to travel (for work), it can be very stressful. Traveling also keeps your brain in shape because when you travel to foreign places sometimes you are in unexpected situations, which are obstacles for the brain. Research shows that these obstacles for your brain can help prevent Alzheimers. Traveling is something fun and helps the brain! The source I used:


Most people love music, I especially do. For some people music is part of their jobs, while for others music is a good pastime. Music helps improve your communication skills. Learning or listening to music at an early age helps a child to learn rhythm, melody, and other musical basics. Most students that take music classes develop higher IQ’s. Listening to music at an older age also helps the brain. It helps the brain to stay healthy. It helps keep the brain sharp and improves your memory. Music in a major key also makes people feel happy, and improves your mood. Also, studies show that listening to music at various times of the day improves your sleep. In the past, Native Americans used music in their ceremonies and rituals. Music is a very important key for a successful life. The source I used is: 


Over the past couple of weeks I have done a lot of surfing, and I started to wonder what are the health benefits in surfing? Surfing provides cardiovascular fitness from the paddling you have to do to get far out to catch a wave. You especially use your shoulder and back muscles. Once you stand up, you use your core and your legs to keep balance. I like spending time outside therefore, surfing is a good way for me to relieve stress and enjoy nature. When you are out on the water time flies by, and you forget about watching tv or just sitting around and doing nothing. Surfing is a good distraction and a great way to get some exercise in. The source I used:

Field Hockey

Last year was my first year playing field hockey. I was very excited to start playing the sport, but I wondered how did field hockey affect my health? Turns out there are many benefits from playing field hockey. Hockey is a form of cardiovascular exercise and you use your full body as part of the sport. While playing, you release endorphins which improve your mood. Since the game is broken up into two parts with a break in between, it helps the body have a greater cardio benefit. Playing field hockey gives you a cardio and a strength training workout. The leg muscles are used particularly. Also, field hockey helps improved your coordination because the player must be quick on their feet. Field hockey is good way to get exercise and work your brain.The source I used is:


Recently, I’ve learned how to sail and I was wondering how does sailing affects my health? While you are sailing, you gain muscle endurance since you are constantly hosting the sails up to control the boat. Sailing also improves your cardiovascular system because of the physical activities used to move the boat. For me, when I am out on the ocean, the sun is shining, and the wind is hitting my face and blowing my hair in all directions, puts me in a peaceful mood. The saltiness in the ocean is filled with ions, and these ions help the body’s oxygen and balances out the serotonin, a body chemical. The more balanced the body’s serotonin is, the better mood you will be in. Being out on the water makes me feel very relaxed and makes me forget about the stress in life. The sound the wind against the sails affects the patterns in the brain, and relaxes the mind. Below is the source I used: