I really enjoy watching movies and I began to wonder how watching movies affect or improve my health. Turns out there is a lot that movies can do. Movies sometimes change the way we think and help us during tough moments in life. Movies can control our thoughts and moods. You could feel happy one moment and sad the next. Many therapists prescribe movies for their patients, while some base their whole practice around movies and how they improve the mind. This is called cinema therapy. Therapists say that movies have positive affects on people who are suffering psychotic disorders. However, sometimes movies may have a bad affect on someone mentally or physically. Someone watching the movie may be encouraged to take part in bad things because it was shown the movie. So, movies can have a positive and a negative affect on your health, it just depends how you watch them. The source I used:


4 thoughts on “Movies

  1. mperkins18 says:

    I really like your post! I also like how you have evidence from therapist saying that it improves people state of minds.


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