I love listening to music, especially during long car rides. Now I wonder how do earbuds affect your health? While listening to music turning the volume up and listening for a long period of time, can damage your ears and put you in danger of permanent hearing loss. Losing hearing from earbuds is known as noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). This kind of hearing loss is more common among kids and teens. The ear is made up of three parts: the outer, middle, and inner. Part of the inner ear has tiny hair cells however, loud noise can damage those hair cells. Once you damage your ear it never heals, it just gets worse and worse. People are more at risk for loosing their hearing from using earbuds rather than headphones because earbuds play in the ear canal and that increases the sound’s volume by several decibels. To prevent hearing loss, people say they should follow the 60/60 rule: “No more than 60% of volume for more than 60 minutes.” The source I used: http://kidshealth.org/teen/safety/safebasics/earbuds.html


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