I really enjoy traveling to new places around the world. It makes me feel happier and it is a lot of fun. Now I am wondering how does traveling affects my health? Traveling enhances people’s moods when they are experiencing a environment. However when people are forced to travel (for work), it can be very stressful. Traveling also keeps your brain in shape because when you travel to foreign places sometimes you are in unexpected situations, which are obstacles for the brain. Research shows that these obstacles for your brain can help prevent Alzheimers. Traveling is something fun and helps the brain! The source I used:


4 thoughts on “Traveling

  1. mperkins18 says:

    Good post! I like how you show how people may be effected differently during traveling like if they were on a stressful business trip or just on vacation.


  2. I have enjoyed reading about all the wonderful benefits that travel has on the mind. Traveling can be stressful, but I think that remaining flexible and positive is the best way to remain calm and reduce anxiety and stress.


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