Field Hockey

Last year was my first year playing field hockey. I was very excited to start playing the sport, but I wondered how did field hockey affect my health? Turns out there are many benefits from playing field hockey. Hockey is a form of cardiovascular exercise and you use your full body as part of the sport. While playing, you release endorphins which improve your mood. Since the game is broken up into two parts with a break in between, it helps the body have a greater cardio benefit. Playing field hockey gives you a cardio and a strength training workout. The leg muscles are used particularly. Also, field hockey helps improved your coordination because the player must be quick on their feet. Field hockey is good way to get exercise and work your brain.The source I used is:


4 thoughts on “Field Hockey

  1. mperkins18 says:

    I really like how you explain all the health benefits of it like releasing endorphins and getting a cardio and strength workout all together.


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